Physiotheraphy center Nordic Health

Who we are?

We are a physiotherapy center called Nordic Health Finland in our capital city of Helsinki.  We are located at the end of Mannerheimintie,  next to the new Valo-hotel. We specialise in treating musculoskeletal problems based to scientific evidence using movement as medicine.  Modern devices with high technology and Eve software, help us individualise treatment programs and enable our clients to train safely. This means gentle and pain free treatment for the joints, but powerful training for the muscles.

Read more about our technology here.

How to start physiotheraphy treatment in Nordic Health?

First step is to get a referral from your doctor but you can also start without it.

Contact us to visit our clinic for a free, short consultation. After this we will send you a  questionnaire to fill, which will inform us of any health problems you may have. The first session will take 60 minutes and it will include an initial evaluation with some mobility and strength tests.

After the physiotherapy sessions, you have a possibility to continue the therapeutic training 24/7 in our Nordic Health Center, continuosly maintaining and improving your physical condition.

How to start training in Nordic Health?

If you wish to increase your strength and cardiovascular health or require help with minor problems with joints or limbs, Nordic Health is the place for you.  Come and experience the safe and effective training environment that our high technology devices and well trained staff can provide.

Call us now and begin your well-being journey at Nordic Health!